Thursday, December 26, 2019

Spring-boot vs Quarkus

I have been using springboot remote command runner from  ozkanpakdil/CommandRunner around 2 years. And last week I had a chance to play with quarkus. And I really like the startup time and speed of development is two times faster.

So I decided to write same command runner with quarkus and see how it works. ozkanpakdil/quarkus-command-runner 

Only difference is in spring I used hazelcast and in quarkus I used ehcache. Because hazelcast configuration was not easy as in spring-boot.

Then I decided to install haproxy and run these 2 microservices behind it. You can see the configuration here

I must say the "command" running at linux side sometimes takes longer then 60 seconds so I gave haproxy longer timeout instructions. here is the haproxy admin

According to numbers spring having downtimes. actually those are times when springboot responds slower then expected. and quarkus has longer uptime.

Conclusion: Quarkus is nice and reliable fast solution for microservices. I cant say faster then spring. after all this was just a small use case.

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