Friday, October 01, 2021

Glasgow IKEA delivery times

I moved to a new place around 1.5 months ago(23.08.2021) and needed to buy all the furniture. Even for renting, finding all furnished flat chances in Scotland is close to zero. Anyways I started searching. First I thought I should buy all second hand went to Gumtree which is a huge website full of second-hand advertisements, I found one bed and mattress ad, Contacted with the owner he said he will deliver and that day I slept on air bed ­čśÇ

Then I contacted another ad for bed and mattress, they said they will deliver that Sunday, still sleeping on an air bed, I decided to buy a new bed and mattress, I mean from a real furniture shop a "NEW" one, first hand.

I decided to buy from local in Glasgow, I found some local bed and mattress shops but they were expensive than IKEA, so I decided to go to IKEA and check out the quality, the numbers were around 600 in local and in IKEA was 400 pounds, after I have seen their showroom and quality I decided to go with IKEA, it is cheap and quality is good.

I went online and start adding things to my basket, the first surprise was when I decided to check out some items that were missing from local IKEA so they can not deliver they have to be removed from the list. Then I learn that I can set my postcode on the website and it can show if they are available in my area. Took around 2-3 days for me to decide and finish all, then I come to checkout, it took around 1200 pounds, I have a couch and some tables(TV/coffee) and other things other than the bed.

When I check out at 04.09.2021, IKEA cut my order delivery into two, one delivery at 06.09.2021 and the next one at 02.10.2021 there is almost a month difference. So thanks to Tesco I have an air bed and until Oct 2 I will sleep on it, and last Tuesday airbed started to lose air ­čśŐI think the universe is trying to tell me something.

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