Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

server client programming

here is the deal about the server client programming which is port numbers and their limit its about 65 thousands. I know its not a really big number about if you are planing to serve counts more then 65 thousands.

here is the solutions about it. iocp and p2p networking. I am reading both of those big topics. I think if you are planing to do something big p2p will be the real solution. at least throwing bandwidth of the server to client its easy way to go with p2p. I read jxta and I can say that its absolute solution about java and server part. there are some problems about .net and c# part but. in developing games in this situation its acceptable to build a applet for it :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008


I know its been a long time I have not write anything. because I have not learn or done any new things. I dont want to write regular meaningless blogs here. anyway today I tried to restore a pg_dump out file to another postgresql server.

that pg_restore looks nice but in first try it started print lines of the file that was strange. at the end I learned that if we give the name of the database it will restore data to there. otherwise it works like scanner for a dump file.

here is the command: pg_restore -d dbName backupFileName

after that it does not print anything to stdout just starts restoring the data. if anyone knows how to show which table is being restored in that time that would be nice. because now I am cleaning some useless data with pgadmin manually.

C# scan cs file and find variables values and names

using Microsoft . CodeAnalysis ; using Microsoft . CodeAnalysis . CSharp ; using Microsoft . CodeAnalysis . CSharp . Syntax ; using Xunit . ...