Friday, January 20, 2023

Sunday, January 15, 2023

fitbit inspire 3 problems

  1.  eating too much battery, regular was around 10 percent per day, which is huge, if you go for a run or something it goes up
  2. not syncing data with "google fit", I have been using google fit around 7 years now, I like it and was expecting these to play nice together but surprisingly(because google owns fitbit) they did not.

today I click on return item button, took 2 pdfs, let see when my money will be back. 

18.01.2023 I sent the package to google, got a mail that they will pay back soon.

Monday, January 02, 2023

learning aws is not cheap

 I started studying on aws and created an account just to create and delete resources, I thought deleting free tier instance will stop amazon to charge me, but after all they manage to charge me from something else, and I did not check until now

looks like EC2 but I did not have any instances running then I found


elastic ip address, did not know that I had that, even though I deleted instance they hold the ip under my account, weird







C# run testcontainers and run some commands on them

  using DotNet . Testcontainers . Builders ; using Xunit . Abstractions ; using IContainer = DotNet . Testcontainers . Containers . IContain...