Friday, October 01, 2021

Glasgow IKEA delivery times

I moved to a new place around 1.5 months ago(23.08.2021) and needed to buy all the furniture. Even for renting, finding all furnished flat chances in Scotland is close to zero. Anyways I started searching. First I thought I should buy all second hand went to Gumtree which is a huge website full of second-hand advertisements, I found one bed and mattress ad, Contacted with the owner he said he will deliver and that day I slept on air bed ­čśÇ

Then I contacted another ad for bed and mattress, they said they will deliver that Sunday, still sleeping on an air bed, I decided to buy a new bed and mattress, I mean from a real furniture shop a "NEW" one, first hand.

I decided to buy from local in Glasgow, I found some local bed and mattress shops but they were expensive than IKEA, so I decided to go to IKEA and check out the quality, the numbers were around 600 in local and in IKEA was 400 pounds, after I have seen their showroom and quality I decided to go with IKEA, it is cheap and quality is good.

I went online and start adding things to my basket, the first surprise was when I decided to check out some items that were missing from local IKEA so they can not deliver they have to be removed from the list. Then I learn that I can set my postcode on the website and it can show if they are available in my area. Took around 2-3 days for me to decide and finish all, then I come to checkout, it took around 1200 pounds, I have a couch and some tables(TV/coffee) and other things other than the bed.

When I check out at 04.09.2021, IKEA cut my order delivery into two, one delivery at 06.09.2021 and the next one at 02.10.2021 there is almost a month difference. So thanks to Tesco I have an air bed and until Oct 2 I will sleep on it, and last Tuesday airbed started to lose air ­čśŐI think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

copy paste in git bash

right click on top of the window(title bar)

 choose options, and click on the last option "Ctrk+Shift+letter short cuts" 


after that you can use ctrl+shift+v to paste the text in git bash in windows 10

Thursday, June 10, 2021

download zipped/gz file and unzip and use in java

 Example code for downloading a zipped file and unzipping in java

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
String mmdb = "https://someaddress/somefile.gz";
String zipFilename = "somefile.gz";
if (!Files.exists(Path.of(zipFilename))) {
new URL(mmdb).openStream(),
try (GZIPInputStream gis = new GZIPInputStream(new FileInputStream(Path.of(zipFilename).toFile()))) {
Files.copy(gis, Path.of(dbFileName));
}, args);

Friday, January 22, 2021

linux mint install jdk 15

 I have been using linux mint 20.1 and I needed to install java 15 but when I search I could not find proper commands, here they are


adoptopenjdk is openjdk delivery system, details in case for different linux versions redhat or opensuse check