Wednesday, August 16, 2023



finally I have seen working in my local computer, it is kind of a search engine for documents, I was looking for more conversation level bot  which can learn from the conversation and start answering accordingly, why am I searching for this, it is about our jira`s, there are some repeatitive tickets, if I can teach a bot to realize those and solutions, it can answer users directly or can tell me which doc to answer. not bad privateGPT

Saturday, August 05, 2023

span_id and trace_id

 Spring cloud sleuth architecture and use

http keep alive turn off

if I turn http keep alive off then I get db read tomeouts and db pool size becomes not enough, if I increase the pool size and time outs more then web worker threads becoming non responsive, self note never turn off keep alive for rest clients in spring boot

C# scan cs file and find variables values and names

using Microsoft . CodeAnalysis ; using Microsoft . CodeAnalysis . CSharp ; using Microsoft . CodeAnalysis . CSharp . Syntax ; using Xunit . ...