Friday, February 01, 2008

Howto Change Your Server One To Another

this post is about ftp in bash/console.It has been a long time I was a godaddy customer. their service is really nice if you are starting something but at some point in my "Deluxe Hosting - Linux" account mysql databases started to suck. I have tried to change mysql databases create new ones from hosting control center. but it did not work out and I get a new dedicated server. now I have about 10 domain which works under linux with power of php. so how am I gonna move all those to another linux.

here comes our mutual friend MC. midnight commander :) this new dedicated is debian and apt totally rocks it took me to install mc in 5 secs. and lets see how we can connect to other ftp at "right" menu there is "ftp link". you need to put proper ftp url there and in right panel you will see another server which is in godaddy data center :) isnt it rock.

example proper ftp url for midnight commander ftp client:

and all these will be under console. linux rocks

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