Thursday, April 02, 2015

how to export twitters following list

well at some point you may need to have all following list which you have in your twitter account. I tried some websites and twitter api but coult not find a way. at the end I take it with javascript :)

go to this adres and go to end of the page.

it looks like this in my account

after that open the chrome javascript console. I do it with F12. then I needed to have all twitter account names. here is the javascript I used for it.

var arr = [];
$(".u-linkComplex-target").each(function(index, elem){

you just need to paste this in the console and hit enter. then in the console you will have very long string like this


and my screen look like this

you can select very long string from there and save it anywahere you like enjoy :)

by the way in the future if script does not work feel free to ask me via comments. because they can change the class of that html tag.


john backstrom said...

Thank you for posting this! Is there any way to also pull other data such as Biography, URL, etc.?

ozzy said...

have you checked twitter api ?

as long as you fallow javascript. we can always find a way to do it. which page which biography are you talking about ?

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