Wednesday, May 11, 2022

always free cloudresources

Here's a quick comparison of always-free resources that each cloud vendor offers. It should be obvious this is not a detailed nor an apple-to-apple comparison. The offerings and service names differ between vendors, and so do terms provided by different providers. I only picked the compute, database, and storage options for a quick comparison.

AWS750 hours (1yr only)25 GB DynamoDB100 GB storage gateway
Azure750 hours (1yr only)Azure Cosmos DB (25 GB)5 GB blob storage (1yr only)
Google1 e2-micro instance per monthFirestore (1 GB per project)5 GB-months of regional storage
Oracle4 ARM-based A1 cores and 24 GB memoryNoSQL DB (3 tables with 25 GB per table)10 GB object storage

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