Saturday, May 12, 2007

#jboss conversation - türkçe olsa iyi olurdu ama jboss bilen türk nerde onu henüz bulamadım

mascix> hello
<mascix> I am trying to understand a big project but still something is missing
<mascix> I found ejb and beans and xmls related hibernate and ORM
<mascix> has web user interface and show data via there but I could not fi,nd where they call this ejbs
<mascix> can you hear me somebody ?
<Blackvel> what do they use? jsf, struts or something?
<Blackvel> I suggest to look for the ejb interfaces in middle-tier java classes
<Blackvel> could be bd (business delegates) or something
<Blackvel> hopefully not action classes :)
<mascix> Blackvel: maverick they use
<mascix> MVC for the interface
<mascix> but its so complicated where the data come from
<Blackvel> well if it is hibernate
<Blackvel> probably there is some dao
<Blackvel> which accesses hibernate session objects and reads data into pojos (plain java files)
<Blackvel> and then they get passed over to session ejbs
<Blackvel> which get called from some business abstraction layer
<Blackvel> and the pojos (like VO's) do get passed from that layer to the view layer
<mascix> thank you very much
<Blackvel> i would start the the service layer
<Blackvel> there should be some Java package for it
<Blackvel> once you have the classes
<Blackvel> you can use maybe eclipse and let you show you all the references to the classes
<Blackvel> or check what interfaces are implemented by what classes
<mascix> I am reading from eclipse and package manager it is usefull but this whole ejb and hibernate thing really strange for me. there are big xml files who writes them and that ejb classes they are not usefull with theirself but something pump them and make workable
<mascix> and maverick is another issue :)
<mascix> its like developer comes together and decide that we gonna make an open source project and which would not be understandable by other ehehehhee
<Blackvel> what is maverick?
<Blackvel> some gpl framework?
<Blackvel> what xml files? ejb-jar.xml and that kind?
<Blackvel> ususually you write it my hand, autogenerate it
<Blackvel> by xdoclet or you just use annotations in the java files
<mascix> maverick =
<mascix> I knew something was generating them now I know I need to read xdoclet faq too :) rtfm rules !!!
<Blackvel> not sure about x-doclet
<Blackvel> but it could be
<Blackvel> you can check the ejb java file header
<Blackvel> if there are any annotations
<Blackvel> they may come from x-doclet too
<mascix> <display-name>Generated by XDoclet</display-name>
<mascix> :)
<mascix> that comes from 5580 line of xml its hardly to find what is going on in there anyway
<Blackvel> maverick stopped at 2005?
<Blackvel> so no new code development in 2006 to 2007?
<mascix> I dunno still using it
<Blackvel> good luck mascix :)
<Blackvel> cu
<mascix> thanks

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