Friday, February 09, 2007

remote desktop yönetmek

belki 100 kere yazmışımdır yine unuttum yine not alıom ingilizcesi:
qwinsta /server:

Where is the IP address or name of the non-accessible machine.

This will display something like this:

> qwinsta /server:
console 0 Conn wdcon
rdp-tcp 65536 Listen rdpwd
rdp-tcp#470 Bob 1 Active rdpwd
rdp-tcp#471 Jane 3 Active rdpwd

Now I know that Bob and Jane are the two that are logged in. Since Jane left the office 20 minutes ago I know that she forgot to log off. I don't know where Bob is but I only need one session so I'll ignore him for now.

To disconnect Jane's session I would type this:

rwinsta /server: 3

qwinsta /server:ipadres ile sorgu çekersin
rwinsta /server:ipadresi sessionID ilede açık kalmış olan sessionu öldürürsün
arada bi access denied verir onuda \\ipadres\ diye girersen windows oraya session açar.

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